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Avast Scan Failed: Guide to Follow Urgently

The antivirus users have recently begun to report more and more severe problems that they encountered when trying to start the system. For many, an error appeared on the screen that informed users that Avast scan failed. In fact, the problem arose because the antivirus version could not function after the last update of the Windows 10 operating system. At the moment, developers have fixed the compatibility problem through antivirus updates.

Joint identification of the problem allowed the service providing the antivirus service to fix it.

The company found a way to prevent this problem and now automatically delivers an antivirus database (VPS) update to all its customers. All users who installed the database update must be insured against this malfunction.

Service users who have not yet managed to upgrade to version 1803 are strongly advised to pre-update their antivirus.

You Can Manually Check for Updates:

  • How to update antivirus
  • Open the main interface of the antivirus software product
  • From the Menu, select “Settings” and go to the “Updates” section.
  • Click the “Update” button for the “Program” section to make sure that you have the latest version of the antivirus.
  • Click the Update button for the Virus Signatures section to install the latest antivirus database.
  • The update should completely prevent the appearance of a blank desktop or keyboard layout selection screen.

How to Avoid Problems With Installation

It is recommended that you create a full system backup before upgrading Windows. A backup copy will allow you to restore the previous version of the operating system without the use of standard tools that do not always work. Besides, you can remove the antivirus before starting the installation of the Windows feature update, and after successful completion, you can reinstall the antivirus.

The popular antivirus technology service also published instructions for users who tried to update and encountered crashes or other incompatibility errors. Remember that to follow the instructions from the service, and the computer must be operational because to solve the problem, you need to download the new installation media.

Configuring Antivirus After Reinstalling the Program

This is the penultimate item in the antivirus interface, with a gear icon – click it. Click on the “Active Protection” tab. It is recommended that you pay attention to the “Web screen”. It is about analyzing your actions when visiting websites on the Internet. This script screen checks for the presence of the site in the service blacklist, but Firefox itself does this by checking the Google data, which is much more effective. It is noteworthy that in the browser, you can only disable, but not remove this extension.

To turn off the screen, click on the “Settings” menu item with the gear icon. In the settings window that opens, go to the “Active Protection” tab, where click the gear icon in the “Web Screen” section. In the window that opens, configure the web screen, go to the “Scan Scripts” tab, where uncheck the boxes next to those programs where the screen is not needed.

Once again, but briefly: Settings> Active Protection> Web Screen Settings> Script Scanning. This thing is undoubtedly useful, especially if you are working under an administrator account.