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Avast vs. Kaspersky

The data stored in our mobile phone and computer needs to be secured from the third parties that intrude into your system to destroy your computer or get a hand on your personal information. These intruders are generally known as ‘hackers’.

To protect your data against viruses, spyware, ransomware, worms and many other known and unknown threats, we recommend you to use antivirus software.

Choosing the best antivirus software is not always an easy task to do. For this reason, we will compare the two best antivirus in 2019 suites available in the market, namely Avast and Kaspersky, for you to decide which one you should buy.

Avast gives you more security-related features, while Kaspersky has a better impact on your system performance. Both these software provides you protection from known and unknown malware.  The known malware has a digital signature while the unknown malware has no digital signature. Therefore, an unknown malware is only deducted through a check on the behavioral attitude of a file.


The Av-test

Kaspersky and Avast, both were tested to block 228 malware samples of zero-day and 4887 samples of widespread malware in two rounds. Both Kaspersky and Avast blocked 100 percent of both the malware samples.

Furthermore, both these set of software were put to the test in Av-comparatives, and both have received a rating of 6/6 from the security experts.

Your system and these set of software

Avast and Kaspersky protection suits run in the background to keep your system protected from various threats. Doing this, they consume your system resources which affect your system performance.

Again, to test the two set of software in terms of their effect on the system, they both were tested using AV-Test and Av-Comparatives test.  

The result of Av-test for both the software was terrific and both show 99.5% of the performance of the system.

The result of AV-comparatives test showed 6/6 rating for Kaspersky and 5.5/6 ratings for Avast according to the experts.


Kaspersky interface looks bright, light and simple.

Avast interface is modern and well-organized.

Which software will cost you more?

Kaspersky antivirus is less expensive as compared to the Avira and its premium packages include Kaspersky protection suit which you can use for the whole family.

Both Avast and Kaspersky offer maximum security to your computer system. You can use a free version of both the software or you can buy premium packages for more intense action against the malware.