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Cheapest way to buy Bitcoin


There are a lot of different places where you can buy a bitcoin for the lowest prices. Some of these places are online, where you can easily buy a bitcoin through your internet. And, there are some places where you will obtain a bitcoin by physically visiting that place.

The method of buying a bitcoin depends on the following factors:

The place you live

The way you will pay for the bitcoin

What type of a bitcoin buyer are you?

To know what type of buyer are you, we will discuss some common reasons people have to buy a bitcoin.

The first reason is that with bitcoin you can stay unknown while doing a transaction. You can send money to someone without using your bank account and without sharing your details,

The second reason is that some people are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and they want to be part of the crypto community.

The third reason people buy a bitcoin is for security.

For your understanding

To make sure you understand this article, we will like to explain some terms that we have used throughout our article.


A maker is a person who is willing to buy or sell a bitcoin for a price that is not already offered on the exchange.


Taker is someone willing to buy or sell a bitcoin for a price that is already being offered on the exchange.


A broker is a third party that brings makers and takers together.

Let’s discuss some cheapest places where you can buy a bitcoin.


Coinbase is a US based company that is available in 32 different countries. Coinbase will charge you 1.49 percent fee for purchasing a bitcoin. It will cost you 3.99 percent if you pay the amount through credit or debit card.

Coinbase is like an online shopping app that is a straightforward platform to use which is not suitable for buyers looking to hide their identity.

Local bitcoins

The second place where you can buy cheap bitcoins is ? local bitcoins.?

Features of local bitcoins

  • It’s a peer to peer option of purchasing a bitcoin
  • Based in Finland
  • Allow users to trade bitcoins directly
  • Have traders in 248 different countries around the world
  • You can pay to traders via PayPal, bank deposits, and credit cards
  • Encourage users to meet each other in person to buy and sell bitcoins
  • Good for people who want to be part of the crypto community
  • It has conflict resolution and escrow holding

Why Local bitcoins

  • No fees
  • No personal information needed
  • Meet the crypto community

Buying bitcoins from an ATM

Coin ATM radar lists the location of bitcoins in 60 countries

It entirely hides your identity, and it is much safer than peer to peer.

There are a lot of places available in the world where you can buy cheap bitcoins. In reality, bitcoins are expensive, and it will cost you a lot. However, you can purchase bitcoins on a slightly low prices from the different available platforms that are available on the internet, peer to peer and through ATM.