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Intego Mac Security and Antivirus Software

Premium Bundle X9 has almost every security tool Mac OS might ever need to keep the device clean and secure. It may even discover malicious software meant for operating systems. Let’s get to know more about Intego antivirus for Mac, its peculiarities, and benefits.

A brief overview

Intego is a universal antivirus for Mac OS with anti-phishing and anti-spyware tools. The system also has optimization tools like the cleanup utility and parental control. So, can it be the perfect choice for Mac users or are there any better solutions? Read on and find out.


Intego antivirus comes with Virus Barrier X9. This is a tool to detect viruses and malicious activities. It has been on the market for over 10 years delivering constant monitoring of the files and system. Virus Barrier X9 scans all the files as they appear. Interestingly enough, the tool wasn’t created to remove dangerous programs at once. Instead, the files are sent to quarantine the moment they are recognized. Later a user gets notifications about the activities and asks for actions. It is an unusual approach that lets the system work full-force without stopping to notify about issues. Updates happen the same way.

Talking about the quality of protection, it’s important to mention that Intego has a list of certificates and awards from the well-known independent testing labs. AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, MacWorld, and other labs treat it as the best Mac solution ever. Intego successfully detected all the threats and viruses scoring a 100% detection rate. The software recognizes and deletes all the malicious software for Mac OS. Another reason it stands out from the rest is the possibility to catch viruses aimed for Windows or Linux.

Top 4 Intego antivirus features

  1. NetBarrier X9 secures double-sided browser protection. It optimizes the settings based on the connection a user uses and pick a suitable protection level.
  2. Washing Machine removes junk, cache, and files that slow down system performance.
  3. Content Barrier is a kind of parental control. It can also limit the time usage, create auto screenshots every time your kids use certain apps.
  4. Personal Backup 10.9 automatically copies files to the cloud for safekeeping.

The drawbacks of the software

There’s one thing Intego misses. It’s the dedicated browser extension. While most browsers have tools to prevent phishing sites with the URL filters, a dedicated extension could enhance the security.


Intego is very simple and customizable. The default settings take into account every aspect and situation. However, an advanced user may adjust them to their preferences. All the elements come as one bundle and do not require additional installations, downloads, etc.


Intego has a profound knowledge base full of helpful articles. There is also a ticket system that lets users reach and consult a specialist if needed. A user may use the live chat, phone, and even send a copy of the malicious file for a thorough check.


The antivirus has different packages covering from one to five devices. There are also two options based on the duration of the subscription: one and two-year plans. The price starts at $40 which is excellent considering the value it brings. Users may download a free trial version and test it for 30 days.

Bottom line

Premium Bundle X9 from Intego brings excellent protection to all Mac OS devices. It offers a good correlation between the price and the value as well as perfect scores from the independent testing labs.