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Webroot Security Products Overview

Webroot Antivirus software is a contemporary solution to detect and eliminate malware to provide top-level online and offline security. Succeeding on international level for twenty years and above, Webroot has a range of protection proposals to amaze the clients. Webroot reviews will ensure you in reliability and competitiveness of safety services and you will be pleased to own the most suitable package for your device. Take a closer look and make a proper decision with no hesitation.

Interface and Installation

Webroot Antivirus combines easy and fast installation with a little bit of complicated interface and handling.

To install the chosen Webroot product you just need to buy the setup file at the official website, download it and go through a simple and fast installation process.

But when it comes to software exploitation, you may face some difficulties. For general use, there is no need to bother about some customizing settings, since the programme is to do all the scanning and fixing with no hurdles. The right-sided green sign proves your device being checked and secured. Along with that, you are to encounter the latest scanning report and the following scanning scheduled. On the left hand, you can switch on and off Real-Time Shield, Web Shield, and Firewall. If you want to go to deeper settings, you are to spend time learning the programme navigation and operation. But Webroot fast and flawless operation is worth it.

Basic and Additional Features

The basic Webroot features are included in all Security Packages to a certain extent, but every pack covers some additional features, so, you will need a personal research before deciding on the proper one.

  • Scanning – you are able to select between quick, full, or custom scan feature to check your device to the different type of extent. Or hit a ‘scan’ button and go into deep scanning by default. Mind, that Webroot Software is known for providing the fastest high-quality scanning on the security market.
  • Password management – Webroot cooperates with the LastPass software to provide secure passwords storing for their customers. So, you will need to have both Webroot and LastPass accounts created and connected to get the use of the feature.
  • Firewall and Webshield – a full-package firewall and antiphishing feature allow the programme to prevent any online risks and secure your device with no hurdles.
  • Extra features – supplementary features count Personal Firewall, Gamer Mode, Parental Control, and more.

Packages and Prices

  • Free trial – you are recommended to start with a 14-day free trial to experience the peculiarity of the programme personally.
  • SecureAnywhere Internet Security – the cost is $39.9, while the first year usage is $19.99, the package comprises Advanced Protection, Real-time Anti-phishing, Ransomware Protection, Firewall and Network Connection Monitor. The pack is applicable to 1 Windows or Mac OS device.
  • Internet Security Plus – the cost is $59.99, while the first year usage is $29.99, the package comprises SecureAnywhere Internet Security pack plus Password Manager. The package is applicable to 3 Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android devices.
  • Internet Security Complete – the cost is $79.99, while the first year usage is $29.99, the package comprises SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus pack along with 25GB Secured Storage. The package is applicable to 5 Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android devices.


Webroot Security Software provides its users with incredibly fast scanning and powerful protection features. Along with first-year, and long-term-use discounts, the reasonable pricing correlates greatly with rich in features packs. Although the programme-handling requires some learning, the outcomes are highly beneficial.